Importance Of Entertainment


Eertainment is surely necessary in our life. Without entertainment, we don't have any relaxation or refreshment, simply we will do our work round the clock like a machine and there is no difference between human and other things.

Human beings only have the sixth sense and know what is good and bad. We must entertain our self to get relaxation. Most of us will feel tired with our heavy work and need some refreshment to continue our activities. This kind of entertainment will give refreshment to us and relax our self to get more energy.

Lot of ways are available to get entertainment. Various medias like TV, cinema, internet, Magazines and our friends, family members will help a lot to get entertainment. We must take frequent break in between our work and take proper entertainment with our favorite thing like TV, movies, online activity or chatting with our friends and so on.

Without entertainment it is very hard to imagine our life. We all need.

various kind of entertaining activities to live our life in a smooth and enjoyable manner. We don't have the ability to get enjoyment, happiness and relaxation with out entertainment. This kind of entertaining activities are like fuel to get energy. Surely we will get more energy and motivation after entertaining our self with our favorite media.


Different kind of people is having different kind of ways to entertain themselves. Some people like to listen song and music, some others like to watch TV or movies. Whereas some people will spend their time with online activities and others like to spend their time with their friends and family members and chat with them to get fun and entertainment. We all need entertainment to get motivation, energy and inspiration to do our work in a good manner. Take proper break and entertain your self to do your work properly. 

In our lives, everyone should handle the confrontation between work and entertainment. The fact that no one can live without hardworking is highly valued in our modern society, but we should also clear understand the importance of entertainment and balance these two important parts in our daily life.

Above all, let us look at the significance of entertainment. In the fast changing society, many people bear strong stress so it can divert people’s attention from their demanding lives and amuses them in their leisure time. All kinds of entertainment provide us a chance to communicate with people better and in some degree can help us to maintain a good mood. Since a strong body is the most precious thing that we prioritize, if you choose sports to entertain yourself then you will not only get a better mood but also get a stronger body.

After fully understanding of the importance of entertainment, we will also face some obstacles to balance the relationship between work and entertainment. Following are some points that you can not afford to lose in this matter. When you have entertainments activities, you should have fun without any other worries in your mind. This one we should put highly in our mind. Thinking of work only is the working time is an important rule to keep our life happy and more efficiently. Any distraction will ruin the leisure time totally. It is the last thing that we can do to distract either in work, study or play. Then to make sure that you have a good time for relaxing, we can also make some plans or schedules for our convenience. They can work very effectively as a reminder for us to keep on. But we should implement our plan strictly or all the efforts are in vain.

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Dandiya dance forms

The festival of Navratri comes with a promise of nine days filled with fun, frolic, dance and festivities all around. It is one of the most vivacious festivals celebrated in the country.

Navratri not only symbolises the victory of good over evil (Goddess Durga's victory over Mahishasur) but also celebrates the spirit of Indian culture in its togetherness. Devotees, not only celebrate the festival by offering prayers to the Goddess but also wear traditional and colourful dresses, sing folk song and indulge in other fun activities like- playing Garba and Dandiya. 

Garba or Dandiya, are dance forms which were earlier only performed in Gujarat, but have now become very popular across the country. The lively and colourful dance forms' popularity is such that Garba festivals are organised in almost every corner of the country today to grace the occasion of Navratri. 


Dandiya is usually played in the late evening, after performing all the religious rituals (Aarti). While Garba is performed before worshipping Goddess Durga. These dances are generally performed in groups and special large scale events are organised where hundreds of people can come together for the celebrations. 

Besides setting the festive mood, these dance forms also hold a special significance in the 9-day long festival. Garba and Dandiya are believed to be the dramatisation of the fight between the Goddess and Mahishasur– the mighty demon king. The sticks of the Dandiya dance represent the sword of Goddess Durga. This  is the reason why the dance form is also known as ‘The Sword Dance.’

Use of colourful sticks, traditional and vibrant costumes comprising skirts and ornate blouses, designed with lovely embroidery and mirror craft, also not to forget the foot-tapping music, make the dance form unique in itself and also matches with the spirit and joy of the festival. 

Traditional costumes and its significance:

Navratri being a festival of togetherness, people always prefer to wear dresses of similar colours and patters to spread the message of oneness. While women prefer the traditional Chaniya Choli, that has vibrant colours and beautiful embroidery, men wear traditional kurtas and payjamas. Designer sarees and Lehenga sarees are also some of the favourites of women these days, especially in metropolitan cities. 

Changing face of Garba and Dandiya nights:

There was a time when the two dance forms were used to educate people about the festival and its mythological importance but today things have changed. With changing times, when everything has become commercial Garba events have also changed. The once social event has now become more of a commercial affair. With large business organisations and event management companies investing a handsome amount in the so-called Dandiya nights, it has become a grand affair around the country. 

Earlier, Garba used to be played in every nook and corner of the street, but today it has become a glam event filled with the best in fashion, food, events and dance. Garba and Dandiya nights these days are all about big stars visiting the event, delicious food, designer clothes and glamour. The dance element is sometimes lost in the glamour of the stars and people come to the venue more for the star then the festival. 

Despite things changing and turning the commercial way, it is a beautiful feeling to go with your family and attend the colourful and vibrant Garba nights during the Navratri festival. 

Spirit of Indian culture
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