Hardware & Electrical

Hardware is a term, which refers to the physical components of a computer system (electronic or electrical), which are used for processing data. Such components are classified according to their functional use within a computer system. The term compute including the central processing unit.

The term 'Computer peripheral' is used to denote ail types of units that are connected to the Central Processing Unit which includes inputs/output devices and secondary storage devices. The collection of all the peripheral equipments is called the computer configuration. Technological developments have resulted in an increased number of improved components.

Hardware consists of all components inside the computer which includes Microprocessor, I C's, SMPS(Switch Mode power supply), Floppy drives, hard diskette etc. The other examples of hardware are those which can be seen by human eye without opening the computer for eg, VDU(Visual Display Unit or monitor), keyboard, mouse, printer, floppy disks, etc.

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