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Why People Wear Perfumes and Other Fragrances

Scented oils, perfumes and other fragrances have been adorned by people since early civilization. Today, fragrances can be found all around, from scented candles, to all your favorite bath and body products. There are numerous reasons why people wear perfumes, but ultimately it boils down to the fact that they make us feel happy. The reason we feel happy is heavily dependent on the individual, but can range from the presence of pheromones, memories the scent invokes, a feeling of escape, and the ability to show individuality through fragrances.

First, Pheromones are scent triggered hormones which stimulate sexual appetite. Logically this hormone plays an important role in human sexuality and desire. Analogs of the natural human hormone can be found in some perfumes where these scents trigger increased sexual appetite. The list of known pheromones is growing continually. Though, most of the currently recognized pheromones only work on men. As such, women wearing these types of perfumes instill greater sexual desire in the men surrounding them, and in return, boosting her own self-esteem as her feelings of being attractive and adorned grow. This, certainly, makes any woman feel happy. However, though pheromones influence our sexuality, the results are fleeting. Therefore, their presence in a perfume plays a secondary role to other reasons why we wear perfumes.

Second, there is a strong connection between fragrances and memory. For instance, we may be somewhere shopping and smell something from a nearby bakery that reminds us of something our Mother made for us when we where little - like chocolaty brownies, or a homemade raspberry pie. Then, we find a perfume or lotion that smells like chocolate and raspberries and instantly feel at home with that fragrance. The same goes for hundreds of other scents out there that connects us with warm, positive memories - such as the smell of a husband's or boyfriend's cologne on their sweater, the smell of particular holidays, the smell of rain or snow, and so on. Connecting ourselves to these memories through easily obtainable fragrances makes us happy.

Third, we all need escape. Whether we're tired Mom's, teenagers, Grandmother's, working Mothers, or stressed Husbands, we all need a place of escape and that escape is often found in a bath, shower, or massage with the use of fragrances. Therapeutic or not, fragrances can take us to a place of calm and serenity. They can rejuvenate our minds and energize our senses. When we surround ourselves with a fragrance we like, we are in essence, placing ourselves in a protective bubble that minimizes the stress of everyday. We are instantly comfortable.

Lastly, and maybe even the biggest reason we wear fragrances, is to show off our individuality. With so many fragrances to choose from out there a person can truly be original in what they decide to fragrance themselves with. They can change the way they smell to match their mood, the occasion, or anything they like. One day they can smell like pomegranate and the next day, as their preference changes, they can smell like roses and musk. The ability to have this kind of individuality through scent directly influences our confidence and self-esteem.

The ability of a fragrance to make us feel like desired beings, connect us with memories, help us to escape and help us show individuality is phenomenal. This boost of positivity in our everyday life increases vitality, improves our drive to accomplish, and increases resistance to failure. Find today the fragrance that makes you happy and reap the benefits continually thereafter!

How Important Is Perfume For Men

Have you ever wondered if men who wear perfumes appear more sexy to women? According to a survey made in Australia, women are dazed by passing men who wear any kind of perfume or a cologne even if they are not that good looking. It sort of creates and image in woman’s mind that a guy is more organized and takes care of his looks. On the other hand, the survey also showed that a small number of women think that men who wear perfume may be gay. This classic stereotype isn’t at all true because men have worn perfumes way before homosexuality stopped being a taboo topic. So generally speaking, wearing a perfume can only benefit man’s love life and will surely get noticed by women.

Like we mentioned, men who wear perfume are usually more organized and care about their looks. This doesn’t apply to all men because we all have at least one perfume at home that we received as a gift. Men who really know how to wear a perfume, think carefully before they make a purchase. Because, just like women, men also have a wide range of different brands to choose from. Moreover, many brands have at least several editions of the same fragrance. For instance Marc Jacobs perfume for men holds several fragrances that renew their scent almost every year. For so called ”meterosexuals” this is more of a thrill than a problem because these men like to go shopping for perfumes as much as women do. To get back to our point, men who choose their perfumes wisely shows they’ll be even more organized when it comes to buying something more valuable.

Women have stated that men who wear perfume are more appealing and memorable because every time a woman smells that scent, she instantly think of a person who wore it. But don’t buy the first perfume you see to impress a woman. The perfume market is full with bad imitations and copies of popular brands like DKNY perfumeEscada perfume and Moschino perfume. These false products are nothing like the original, not in terms of scent nor in terms of strength. You can put perfume on before you go out and half an hour later notice that the smell has evaporated.

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