• Pedigree Combo Meal Pack For Dog
  • Pedigree Combo Meal Pack For Dog
  • Pedigree Combo Meal Pack For Dog
  • Pedigree Combo Meal Pack For Dog

Pedigree Combo Meal Pack For Dog

Add Tasty Meat Gravy to Nutritious meal
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Pedigree Chicken & Vegetables, Dry Dog Food with gravy pouch for Adult Dogs , 180g COMBO

  • Wholesome, complete meal to provide balanced nutrition and strengthen your pet dog's immune system
  • Ideal for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes - be it a cute little pug, a big, bold German Shepherd or a friendly, playful Labrador.
  • See 5 signs of good health in just 6 weeks - a pedigree assurance. Keep your pet dog healthy, active & happy!
  • Protein-enriched meal with 20% protein and 10% crude fat - because your growing dog needs 3 times the protein you need!
  • The entire pedigree Dog food range is formulated by research done by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, a leading scientific authority in pet nutrition and well-being for over 50 years

Product Description

Pedigree is a 100% complete & nutritionally balanced Dog Food. Each Pedigree recipe is formulated and backed by experts at the Waltham Centre for pet nutrition to provide your pet dog with all the nourishment he needs. The distinct needs of dogs and the various nutrients essential for their growth are met through the wide range of pet food that Pedigree offers.

From the Manufacturer


At Pedigree everything we do is for the love of dogs. That’s why we develop recipes based on research from the Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition to provide dogs the 5 Signs of Good Health: healthy skin & coat, strong bones & health, firm stool quality, strong muscles and cheerfulness.

Each Pedigree Adult Combo Pack contains 1 pack of Adult Chicken & Veg Pedigree (100g) + 1 pack of Pedigree Gravy(80g). This unique mix feeding pack combines nutritious kibbles & delicious gravy in an easy pour mix serve format.

Combo Contains: 

1 100g Adult Chicken & Veg. 
1 80g Gravy Pouch.

How to Feed Pedigree?

Blend portions of Pedigree into the home-cooked food.

Add Flavor to Every Meal

Why should your dog not get the variety you do? With Pedigree, your pet can indulge in a wide range of flavors, while getting a complete, balanced meal.

Mix it Up! with Pedigree Gravy

Make every meal a delicious feast by adding Pedigree Gravy to dry dog food or home cooked food. Pedigree Gravy is made with a tasty, lip-smacking recipe with greater flavor, texture and taste while giving him a complete and balanced meal.

Why can’t I Feed my Dog What I Eat or Cook?

Dogs are different; Human food can be harmful for them. Prepared pet food offers guaranteed nutrition, palatability, digestibility, safety and convenience.

Home-Cooked Meals are Usually Deficient or Unbalanced in Nutrients:

  • Baby Food: Nutritionally inadequate. Can cause frequent loose/watery faeces
  • Raw Egg: Causes hair fall & poor hair coat due to biotin deficiency
  • Onion & Garlic: Contain ingredients which can damage RBCs and cause anemia
  • Chocolates: Can be toxic and can affect the heart & nervous system. Excess can kill a dog
  • Too Much Milk: Causes loose/watery feces
  • Bones from Fish/Chicken: Can cause choking, obstruction, tooth damage and tears in digestive system
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